"Notary Service and Document Authentication Service"

Apostille and Document Authentication

Specialty Service

Alabama Attestation, by the Ala Judge of Probate Office 

Alabama Apostille or Certification, by the Ala Secretary of State

Alabama Apostille or Certification, by the Ala Dept of Vital Statistics

Alabama Authentication, by the US Department of State - Washington, DC

Alabama Document Legalisation, by Embassy - Washington, DC, or Consulate

* We service all states*

Hague & Non-Hague Countries - lead time


Document Process ~

If you need assistance with document authentication service for an apostille, or certification, we can assist you immediately. We provide expedited services at no additional cost to you. On the state level, our Alabama document legalisation service is completed within 3 to 5 business days for an apostille document that will be used for accreditation in a country that is a member of the Hague convention. If the country in which your documents will be used is not a member of the Hague convention, the additional process must pass through our local Probate Office and the Secretary of State Office. To complete the process, the documents must also pass through the State Department in Washington DC, and the Embassy, or a Consulate Office. The lead time for this process would be 15 to 30 business days. We will keep you updated as the documents are processed. We welcome your quote request for document authentication service. Be sure to refer to our clients testimonials on this site. 


Document verification ~

Alabama document's  must be apostilled or certified so that you can use them in another country for accreditation. Depending on which country your document will be used in, will determine on which authentication service we process. Your document must be verified and examined by "Alabama Notary Services" to ensure the document is authentic. The document must be the original and may require supporting documents to determine the authenticity. If your document is a diploma or grade transcripts, it must be mailed directly to us by the school or university. The school or university will need to notarize the documents if they have a notary available, if not we can notarized the documents.